Oasis for My Soul is a collection of poems, poetic prayers, praise, and scripturally based inspirational writings intended to feed your spirit and refresh your soul. If you are having a spiritual “Dry spell,” the power-packed entries will hydrate, nourish, encourage, and inspire you to develop a deeper and more satisfying relationship with the Master, the true Oasis for our souls. You will be challenged to move to a higher plane in your walk with Christ through the writings, thought-provoking journaling exercises, and pertinent prayers that will help you to:

  • Receive a new level of spiritual awareness.
  • Enhance your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Build self-esteem and aggressively move toward wholeness.
  • Maintain faith and hope in difficult times.
  • Challenge the devil’s negative “thought bombs.”

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Front Cover II

The Exceptional Man is a collection of love poems and scripturally based inspirational writings intended to celebrate godly men, their exceptional qualities and great relationships with God at the center. Within this book you will find pertinent insights and wisdom that will:

  • Help men and women of God to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Master.
  • Help married couples discuss issues that will promote marital intimacy.
  • Help saved singles gain a greater awareness of what qualities to look for in a mate and what it takes to have a happy marriage.
  • Encourage and uplift godly men as they strive to be their best for Christ and to be a blessing to those around them.
  • Provide a means for women to express love and appreciation for the men in their lives.

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