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A treasure – lovely, luminous and thoughtful spiritual writings May 27, 2013

By Book Lady



Tracey Moore’s “Oasis for my Soul” is a treasure. This deeply spiritual woman shares her thoughts and observations about the nature of God and man in beautiful, accessible poetry and prose. This is a non-denomination Christian text that is accessible to all readers and challenges our thinking. As the author says in her introduction, her message “clear and undeniable.” Tracey Moore doesn’t dodge any of the hard questions, and she discusses her own spiritual journey without pulling any punches. This is no “perfect” person; she’s just like the rest of us, and in telling her story, she truly becomes a friend.


The price of the book would be worth it if only for the haunting, powerful and stirring poem about Jesus’ resurrection, titled He Got Up. But there is so much more. Part journal, part devotional, “Oasis for My Soul” is lovingly and gently told – a wonderful companion and guide on our spiritual journey, a real keeper of a book that you will want to share with others.

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